Browse single-point, free-standing, quad, stylish, and plain ole’ practical walking canes below – proudly used and recommended by our experienced clinicians.

No really. Our clinicians have actually worked with hundreds of physical therapy patients using single point walking canes. We’ve seen it all: duct taped canes, glittered canes,  and even sawed-off canes. Yes, there was once a patient who sawed four inches off of her ex-husband’s cane, without re-capping it, so it would fit for her height. Gait training thereafter was sub-optimal.

Anyway, the point is that we are more than just a passing peddler looking to unload his shoddy canes for sale on the nearest dupe. Gait training with assistive devices is our passion. We want you to buy one cane, learn how to use it in one practice session, and move on with life. Not a terrible deal considering two of the canes for sale below are less than 20 bucks. Friendly reminder, the cane goes in the opposite hand of your weaker leg! Happy browsing.