Let us relieve you of about four browser tabs as you scuttle around wondering where to buy crutches. Listed below are our favorite picks for all sides of the spectrum, from active to not-so-active, with our favorite accessories too.

Speaking of which, every pair of crutches and accessory we recommend is field tested, taken apart, put back together, and even stress tested. Yes, dropping/throwing things onto the ground is a legitimate rating metric at

As clinical practitioners, we know that the fancy amenities aren’t going to get you there. Users need durable, soundly designed and cheap crutches to navigate stairs, slopes, and all manner of terrain with confidence.

Even the finest accoutrements, though, are of no help without knowing how, why, and where to buy crutches. In a nutshell, that’s why this source is so much better than massive, generic retailers. We recommend the best products based on years of clinical experience and we show you step by step how to use your new device. Enough talking – select a pair of quality, cheap crutches, consult our guide, and move on with life!