Forearm (Lofstrand) Crutches

For those who don’t fall victim to common misconceptions, in this case the belief that Lofstrand crutches (aka elbow crutches) are only for long-term disability, the payoff is generous. Elbow crutches have been supported by evidence for decades to be less harmful to the body than axillary crutches. They afford users a number of conveniences as well, including the ability to interact with the environment without the burden of stowing assistive devices. In this spirit, manufacturers are continually pushing for higher standards of stability and ergonomic features. So where do we come in?

In narrowing down the below listing, our thought process was to promote Lofstrand crutches that are both 1) optimal for long-term and short-term use, and 2) designed to the highest standards that exist today. The particular selections below were also plucked because they effectively cover different corners of the patient spectrum, representing elbow crutches candidates of all sizes, shapes, and mobility status.

End the stressful cycle of misinformation. Inform yourself, make a selection, and take charge of your mobility.