Carex Soft Grip Cane

image of black, soft-gripped single point cane
Buy on Amazon Presenting the surprisingly feature-loaded yet simple single point cane from Carex, a vendor we recommend heavily because of their ergonomic savvy. First on their list of bragging rights is the price – for under sixteen bucks, the value is tough to beat. Next, and most importantly, is the design. Each cane is equipped with a soft handle to alleviate pressure on the hand, wrist, and elbow joints. With a shipping weight of two pounds and included wrist loop, this cane is extremely easy to carry for longer distances and/or load into vehicles.  It adjusts telescopically and comes with a fastener ring to further prevent any slippage once adjusted.

So what are the reviews saying about this single point cane? It is surprisingly stable for it’s low weight, for starters. Unlike other canes, especially folding ones, that tend to creak, slip out of fit, or even collapse under the user’s weight, the Carex does none of the above. This is because of the push-button locking mechanism and fastener ring; even users of 6’4″ and 250+ pounds frequently give 5-star reviews for this cane. All of this combined with the soft grip and loop make it an ideal selection for those recovering from stroke or traumatic injuries.