DMI Lightweight Adjustable Crutches

image of pair of axillary crutches arranged in an "x" with white background.
Buy on Amazon Looking for a durable, but cheap pair of crutches? Consider these lightweight, adjustable axillary crutches from DMI. Constructed with anodized aluminum for increased ease of movement and fatigue prevention, these crutches are an easy solution to your lower extremity injury. They are adjustable in height from 52 to 60 inches, which accommodates users of approximate height ranging from 5’10” to 6’6″, and can support users ranging up to 250 lbs. Easy push-button height adjustment allows you to set for your height and move on without stressing about fastening and unfastening weird-looking valves each time. Thanks to their solid construction, they are more than strong enough to accommodate partial, toe touch, and fully non-weight bearing ambulation patterns

Raw stats aside, why are these axillary crutches so well liked? Most consistently among those reviewing was the weight – especially if you are a post-op patient who is easily fatigued, these super lightweight DMI crutches are so easy to carry and use. For many, this is the difference between making it to the fridge and back to the couch versus stranding yourself on a closed trash can or some other awkward landmark (trust us, these stories are not that uncommon). Finally, the ability of these crutches to traverse seemingly dodgy terrain was consistently brought up in the many positive product reviews on Amazon. We’re not advocating off-roading with your immobilizer boot and crutches, of course. We’ll just start with the pilgrimage to the fridge and back.