Button Release Folding Walker, Front-Wheeled

image of drive folding walker, front-wheeled, with white background
Buy on Amazon Introducing the lightweight, versatile, and sturdy front-wheeled walker from Drive. Just like the standard version, this folding walker features a number of unique upgrades, particularly regarding its frame, that enhance user experience across multiple scenarios. The upward curving bottom bar of the cross frame, for example, allows the user to drive their knees higher without whacking them, an adaptation overlooked by many competing manufacturers.

The independently folding handles are a crucial safety piece as well, enabling users to maneuver through narrow spaces without having to completely disengage and risk a fall. The buttons behind this feature are ergonomically designed so that they can be pushed with the lateral surface of the hand, palm, or fingers.

The Drive standard walker’s frame is 1-inch diameter aluminum, rated to support up to 350-lb users. It adjust between 32 and 39 inches in height. For advice on how to properly fit your walker, check out our comprehensive guide.

After unpacking, fitting, and using your Drive folding walker, you’ll get it: freedom of movement. That’s what they were aiming for, and according to the overwhelmingly positive reviews (see link above), that’s what they achieved.